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Chuck The Real Rocky Wepner Steps Back Into Ring with

Fans of the Rocky movies have a  lot to cheer about right now. Chuck The Real Rocky Wepner, the boxer who inspired Sylvester Stallone to write the Rocky script after watching the March 24, 1975   Muhammad Ali-Chuck Wepner fight, is being featured in several productions all fans can enjoy.

ESPN 30 by 30 series of documentaries recently produced The Real Rocky (airs Oct.  25th) and The Bleeder starring Liev Schreiber portraying Wepner, will hit theaters in 2012. The Bleeder is not another Rocky movie, Wepner said.  It's a movie about the Real Rocky Wepner life story has truly been an amazing tale of strength,  failures, success and love.

These experiences have shaped him into the true  champion that he has always been. But times are different now, and Wepner is stepping back into the ring with a company called The WeGoLook name implies exactly what they do- They WeGoLook at something when you can't.

Their online platform  features over 7,000 nationwide agents who are background check verified. These agents are dispatched on a local level to an item, property or person and then take current pictures, video, observe a working  demonstration, verify VIN/mileage/serial numbers, measure the item, arrange transport of the item and can perform customized tasks based on the customer's needs. The customer then receives a completed  verification or inspection report for the item. WeGoLook customers are better informed, avoid costly mistakes  and are not victims of crime, fraud or misrepresentation. Robin Smith, Co-Founder of WeGoLook, is excited to have Wepner on the WeGoLook team.

Chuck's life story is truly inspiring and correlating the Real Rocky to the Fake Rocky is exactly what WeGoLook is all about. We created WeGoLook to help online consumers and our initial  thought was Bay since so many people buy items on eBay and Craigslist from fraudsters with items that exist. Now we verify automobiles, properties, commercial business assets, pets, even online dates! WeGoLook has evolved into a  customizable field services platform for independent consumers and B2B. Companies can dispatch a Looker to view collateral assets before and after providing financing. Our Lookers will go view/inspect almost anything (as long as it is legal) and we can customize the tasking  too, Smith added. Chuck seems to agree, the Real Rocky Balboa and don't need to tell you there are a fakes and imposters ready to take your hard earned money. With so many of us doing business online you  need someone in your corner watching your back. WeGoLook fights for you with  over seven thousand agents in the USA who are ready to go out and check out whatever it is you are interested in buying, dating, renting or verifying.

WeGoLook makes sure you are getting the real deal, just like me! Verify before you buy with

About WeGoLook:
You may be familiar with crowd sourcing tasks you need performed by strangers and large crowds. However, do you know how to crowdspect?  Dispatch over 7,000 nationwide agents to inspect items, properties and dates on your behalf. Our agents will travel to the item location, take current photos, video, observe a working demonstration, measure, arrange transport, verify specific markings such as mileage, VIN, serial number and more! Verify before you Buy! Put the power of a large crowd of inspectors to work for you!

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