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Zamorano University Improved Stove Certification Center

Leading agricultural university, Zamorano University, continues to perform valuable research into the impact on air quality and health from different types of stoves. Funded by The Philanthropy Workshop (TPW) of the Rockefeller Foundation, the university uses a Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS) and Indoor Air Pollution Meter (IAP) from the Aprovecqho Research Center in Oregon, United States.

Zamorano University’s Improved Stove Certification Center, a unique Latin American initiative, assists non-governmental organizations and governmental agencies in providing impoverished Central Americans with fuel-efficient stoves to combat air pollution. These stoves also significantly reduce fuel consumption, helping to reduce deforestation and atmospheric contamination.

Stoves are evaluated for their fuel efficiency, emissions levels, and acceptability to local populations. Zamorano University trains local, small businesses in the construction and certification of improved stove models to ensure maximum efficiency.

“These stoves produce less pollution from carbon monoxide, dioxide and particles, and there is a reduction in the cost and time for people who have to go and bring the firewood, principally women and children,” said Ms. Reina Guzmán, Environmental Analyst in the Zamorano Forestry Department.

Learn more about the Zamorano University Center on their website.

About Zamorano University:
Zamorano is an international agricultural university serving Latin America. Based in Honduras, Zamorano teaches the responsible management of natural resources, rural development and global competitiveness. Established in 1942, its unique programs combine solid academic teaching with practical knowledge and experience creating well-rounded graduates. With alumni from 29 different countries, Zamorano offers comprehensive tertiary education and world-class research in agriculture.

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