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Give a Gift That Gets Used this Holiday Season, Southwest Advertising and Promotions Owner Says

The holidays mean gift-giving time, not just for families but for businesses, too. For businesses struggling to find a gift that won’t get tossed in a drawer seconds after it’s given, Southwest Advertising and Promotions can help.

According to company founder Elena Johnson, the key to giving the perfect gift is to choose something that provides a useful value to the recipient.

“You want to give gifts that people will use, that they find tasteful and that will help them remember you,” Johnson said.

Having a gift-giving strategy can also pay dividends.

“Build on the gift you give each year,” Johnson said. “One year, a client gave a leather photo cube with their name debossed on it. The following year it was a matching black leather calculator. Last year, it was a black leather thermos case. The point is you want to give gifts that people will use and will help them remember your company.”

Johnson has spent a decade helping her clients find the perfect gift. Her Phoenix-based company specializes in promoting businesses around the country and counts many large-scale corporations as repeat customers.

The key to being a successful gift giver is to always think of the gift’s usefulness first, Johnson said, and the promotion of the business second.

“I’ve had restaurant clients who’ve given their clients very nice pullover windbreakers and their employees hooded jackets,” she said. “They’re useful gifts and things that get used, get seen by other people.”

Other examples include gift cards for local businesses or restaurants printed with the logo on the front. The card can be re-loaded over and over again and the reminder that your business gave the gift is always there.

“A hotel client of ours gave its loyal customers a leather padfolio,” Johnson said. “What traveling businessperson won’t use that?”

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