Montreal 11/8/2011 3:05:53 PM
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Object Research Systems, (ORS) Inc., Will Introduce A 3D 'Thin-Client System' at 2011 RSNA Meeting, Chicago

ORS Inc., a leader in Advanced Visualization- 3D- DICOM/PACS Viewer Solution and Analysis software for Medical Imaging and Healthcare industry announced today that the company will demonstrate its 3D 'Thin-Client', enterprise wide software architecture at the RSNA 2011, Chicago.

By using a thin client solution you do not need to route data back and forth in between multiple servers or workstations – all users can access the data directly, regardless of the physical location of the distributed servers. This makes deploying, maintaining, and scaling any ORS Visual easy and reliable.

ORS, maker of the ORS Visual Platforms Solutions integrates seamlessly with any radiology information system and can process images from all PACS systems. The ORS Visual Solutions provides advanced visualization 3D tools for images from CT and MR, PET, US, and will include advanced vessel analysis, and multi-modality fusion analysis. ORS Visual scales easily from a single radiology practice to large distributed healthcare enterprises. ORS Visual allows efficient viewing, processing, and archiving of very large amounts of images, including thin slice volumetric data from CT, MR, PET-CT, and other 3D modalities.

About Object Research Systems:
Object Research Systems, (ORS) Inc., founded in 2004 and is a leader of Advanced Visualization 3D, DICOM/PACS Viewer Solutions. ORS produces advanced imaging platforms that are powerful, scalable and seamlessly integrated in any PACS systems environment or deployed as a stand-alone solution. Renowned academic centers, health care partners, researchers and developers alike select ORS for having a leading-edge technology and feature-rich platform that is extremely flexible.

The ORS core brands include: ORS Lite, ORS Visual, ORS PRO, ORS PET. ORS also supports OEM and ORS SDK.

Mark A. Mailloux
Object Research Systems
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