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Quality of Life after Prostate Cancer Treatment: New Series Published at Seek Wellness Today

Seek Wellness LLC has published new, highly practical information about coping with issues during and after prostate cancer treatment at its website. A member of its editorial board, Donna Canada, RN, CURN and wife of a prostate cancer survivor, has written this down-to-earth guide for men and their partners. From her unique perspective as a urology nurse and patient’s wife, she covers everything from managing a catheter right after surgery to communicating with a spouse about difficult, emotional topics.

“While all men hate the Foley catheter, there are a few tricks for making life with one a bit more tolerable, says Donna. In any case, once you understand why a catheter is so important at this stage, taking care of it doesn’t seem so difficult.”

The first article in the series introduces the “survivor attitude” and the patient’s need to document the cancer journey, which is different for all men. Then she plunges right in with how to manage the dreaded Foley catheter the first weeks after surgery.

Other articles in the series cover:
urinary incontinence (UI) as a side effect
treatments for and how to manage urinary incontinence when it occurs
ED and penile rehabilitation
skin irritation and other side effects of radiation treatment
androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) and its side effects
and sexual side effects of surgery and other treatments

“Any of these issues would be difficult for most men, but prostate cancer patients may experience several of them during recovery”, adds John Zellers, a recent prostate cancer survivor. “This kind of information is what all men who go through surgery and other treatments are looking for and these articles are very helpful!”

As a complement to its information on prostate cancer, SeekWellness includes a forum on incontinence as a result of prostate cancer treatment, an Ask an Incontinence Nurse feature, and a variety of products for male incontinence in its store.

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