New York 12/9/2011 12:13:58 AM
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Chinese Student Faces Deportation for Sexual Harassment Charge

A Oregon State University international student, who was convicted for sexually harassing a young woman, will be deported back to China.

Jiaquin Wang pleaded guilty on Tuesday to sexually harassing a fellow student. He was sentenced to 12 days in jail, which he already served. Oregon State University expelled Wang and as a consequence he lost his student visa and will be deported back to China.

In July, a 22 year-old women accused Wang of sexual harassment and assault. The incident occurred while the woman was at Wang’s apartment. According to the woman, Wang held her down on his bed attempted to have sexual intercourse with her and touched her sexually. When the woman tried to leave she told police Wang threatened to harm her.

Wang’s attorney, John Rich, says the whole incident was a miscommunication and that even he had trouble communicating with his client without a translator. He said Wang and the woman had previously gone on a date and Wang and they agreed to meet at his apartment.

Rich also said that Wang understood that no means no. And when he told her that “bad things would happen if she left,” he really meant that their relationship would be over.

The judge in the case stated he recognized the language barrier and the two different versions of the story.

Sexual harassment attorneys are often needed to intervene on college campuses, when officials do not take proper action, in this case OSU responded swiftly to the woman’s allegations. Sexual harassment attorneys will also take action to assure their clients are no longer abused.

There are many times in which work supervisors and school officials do not address these issues and the victims find it necessary to hire a sexual harassment lawyer.