SALT LAKE CITY 12/10/2011 1:49:15 AM
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Home Improvement Trends for Winter

A look at four of the home renovations that are picking up steam with the season

As winter approaches, many do-it-yourself-ers are turning their sights indoors for their remodeling projects. The cold weather means more time spent indoors, and many home owners see this season as the perfect opportunity to turn their home renovation dreams into reality.

In addition, this year the down economy is actually working in the favor of remodelers. Construction materials are relatively inexpensive thanks in large part to a fall in fall in demand, making this winter an especially good time to take on home improvements.

Here is a look at some of the biggest trends in winter remodeling.

Creating Warmth in the Bathroom

With the weather cold outside, many people want their homes to feel nice and toasty. When taking on a traditional bathroom remodeling project, then, it is not unusual to find home owners adding warmth both literally and figuratively with heated towel racks in addition to colorful bathroom makeovers. Glass tiles in a variety of colors are very on-trend this season, and many bathroom tile design ideas incorporate a feeling of warmth.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Winter is a good time for many people to replace their old, outdated appliances with newer, more energy efficient models. Since home energy use, and thus power bills, tends to go up when the weather is cold, this is a timely improvement that many home owners can benefit from. The government has come up with new Energy Star requirements, and the savings that rated appliances bring may even help remodelers recoup their initial investment.

New Floors

Floors see more wear and tear during the winter season than at any other time of year, which makes the cold months a perfect time to think about replacing what is already there. Many home owners are taking out old rugs and carpet and replacing them with ceramic tile, hardwood or hardwood replacements and laminates. These options can be budget-friendly.

Finishing the Basement

When the weather is dismal, some people return to once-halted projects and give them another go. Finishing the basement is one such project, and winter is the perfect time of year to take it up again because many contractors’ schedules are empty, which means they are more likely to do the work for cheaper.

With both economic and meteorological factors playing a role, many people are finding that this winter is a good time of year to take on home improvement projects.