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Hurricane Katrina Aftermath Creates Booming Real Estate Market

Real Estate Investors Converge to Talk About Opportunities

Larry Haines, President of BPI Management, Inc. conducted an audio interview with TransWorldNews to discuss the Gulf Coast Real Estate Investors Summit being held at the Sheraton New Orleans, October 19th through 22nd to help real estate investors discover opportunities and resources in the region.   The entire interview can be heard on-line at TransWorldNews.

This event is also helping the local New Orleans Real Estate Investors Association (NOREIA).   The chapter has lost half of its membership since the Katrina hurricane destruction and the NOREIA president has appealed to the 230 national investor club presidencies and board members to join them as they focus on the monumental rebuilding needs of the Gulf Coast region.

Seasoned investors and real estate professionals are also expected to attend to learn about opportunities to rebuild the area.   They will learn about the risks and rewards of one of the biggest rebuilding efforts undertaken in the US. The government has enacted GOZone legislation to help accelerate the rebuilding effort that many need to know about.

"Over 110,000 home in New Orleans alone were destroyed, the rebuilding pace according to permit information, is not keeping pace," says Larry Haines.   "The area will come back and we want to match people with resources with those homeowners who want and need help out of their particular situation."

Moguls like Donald Trump and Donald Bren from the Irvine Company are already focusing on the region as are other celebrities like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie who recently sponsored a design contest for renewable housing and with environmental or "green build" resources.   The New Orleans Saints are anxious to come back to the city according to resent reports.   Sean Penn, Matthew McConaughey, Ellen DeGeneres, Spike Lee who is currently showing his documentary "When the Levees Broke", Harry Connick, Jr., and Reggie Bush from the area have hosted fundraisers and support for those most needing assistance.   The needs are multi-dimensional as everyone from every economic background has been affected.

The real estate investors summit is another way for homeowners to get the assistance they need as they transition out of a bad situation into a better one.   That may mean letting go of their storm damaged home and the debt associated with it, to a newer home or more stable living arrangement.

The goal of the summit is to educate savvy investors to help them understand the risks, what happened during the storm and the resulting population shifts in the region.   The three big needs are schools, housing and jobs.

Re-builders and investors will come together to build relationships with resources in the region and focus on areas with the greatest likelihood of renewal.   The panel of experts slated to speak include Don Pierson from the Louisiana Department of Economic Development, Professor Emeritus and regional expert Dr. Wade Ragas, Paul Wells, Vena Jones-Cox, Robyn Thompson, Justin Ryan, and others.   Cost to attend the whole weekend starts at $1,995 with day passes open to the public priced at $49 to attend the Saturday Breakout Workshops.   Local radio personality Garland Robinette of "The Think Tank" on WWL is also promoting and endorsing the event.   Customized bus tours are also planned for the weekend.

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The New Orleans Real Estate Investors Association, Inc. (NOREIA) is one of the oldest and most successful real estate investor associations in the United States of America. A local affiliate of the National Association of Real Estate Investors Association (NAREIA), NOREIA has hundreds of members from diverse backgrounds, educational levels, and experience levels. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation domiciled in the state of Louisiana. We have been providing high quality educational opportunities in the greater metropolitan New Orleans area for over thirty years.

BPI Management, Inc.  is a Texas-based firm using technology to work with the community at large to create best practices and conduct ethical business in the real estate industry.   To learn more about visit this special link or contact Andy Valadez, Marketing Director at 713.560.3348 or e-mail:   Reporters are able to review an on-line interview with Kathie Turner, Veteran News Anchor and download other documents to support your story (i.e., photos, video, review media mix to market effort, and radio PSA, etc).

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