Taylor, MI 1/17/2012 12:51:52 AM
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TEAM Solutions Offers Environmentally Responsible Facility Services

The provider of facility cleaning support services delivers solutions that adhere to regulatory compliance issues to improve environmental responsibility

In an effort to increase environmental and regulatory compliance for their clients, TEAM solutions – a provider of facility cleaning services – is offering a range of support services in many different industries. Through many years of experience, the company has developed guidelines that govern each of its jobs to ensure that the environmental, regulatory, and compliance needs are met.

TEAM Solutions is focusing its efforts on an integrated approach to facility maintenance in order to address the needs of different industries. Whether the facility is involved in the aerospace and defense industry or handles large amounts of food processing, waste materials and cleaning procedures can have a huge impact on the environment, and they must be managed correctly.

Currently the company works with companies in the medical industry, automotive manufacturing, aerospace and defense, food processing, and more. Within each of these industries are controlled environments that require technical cleaning and sanitation by qualified and trained personnel. By providing environmentally responsible facility services, TEAM Solutions can help reduce their impact on the environment while still meeting regulatory and environmental requirements.

By integrating environmental concerns with facility maintenance services, TEAM Solutions is able to provide tailored solutions for a range of different companies. Industrial cleaning and technical environments require people who understand different materials and the proper methodologies to handle them. Whether the company is providing cleaning and sanitation support services in a food processing facility or waste management in an industrial complex, it must consider the environmental impact of its actions.

TEAM Solutions is working to provide the environmentally sound procedures that these industries need to reach regulatory compliance, and they are following it up with various support services and site management to ensure that the standards are maintained. The initial cleanup is the first step, but continued services will ensure that these companies can continue to work efficiently, reduce overhead costs, and increase facility productivity.

About TEAM Solutions:

TEAM Solutions is constantly evolving to meet the demands of the marketplace, and focuses its business on six core principles. These performance indicators include Safety, Expertise, Cost Improvements, Quality Focus, Solutions Flexibility, Morale & Attitude, and Environment & Regulatory compliance. Over the years, TEAM Solutions has developed strict service guidelines that govern every job, and employs a skilled work force and state of the art technical equipment to make sure all services are completed safely and on time.