Atlanta 3/9/2012 4:10:25 AM
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Tropical Storm Irina Leaves Thousands Homeless in Madagascar, 73 Confirmed Dead

Relief work continues in Madagascar where thousands of people are homeless following Tropical Storm Irina. The storm moved through Madagascar on February 26 - 27. The National Bureau of Natural Catastrophes announced Thursday a total of 67,911 were affected by the storm. Around 1,348 homes were destroyed and some 21,235 people are homeless.

Authorities say Irina caused flooding and landslides across the country. At least 73 people have been confirmed dead and at least two others remain missing.

“The dead are either buried under the mud or have been washed away. Many roads are blocked due to landslides. Rivers overflowed, isolating many villages. The isolation of affected areas slows the arrival of information. This also complicates the organization of relief,” Madagascar Red Cross secretary-general Fanja Ratsimbazafy said.

Irina is currently moving towards Mozambique.


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