Global Hurricane Trends

Climate models have long suggested that the intensity and frequency of hurricanes or tropical cyclones (TCs) may be significantly increased in response to global warming, as noted by Free et al. (2004), who have written that "increases in hurrica ...


Snowstorm to Impact 40% of U.S. Population

Retail Holiday Sales in Jeopardy


Weather Trends International's Winter 2013-2014 Top 10 Predictions

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Hurricane Season Starts Tomorrow and Mother Nature's Right On Cue

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Hurricane Sandy Causes 29 Deaths, Massive Flooding And Damage

Hurricane Sandy slammed into the northeast Monday evening, leaving flooding a trail of severe damage in its wake. The storm is expected to weaken as it moves inland across Pennsylvania on Tuesday and then western New York on Wednesday. Forecaster ...

Hurricane Sandy Expected To Make Landfall In New Jersey

Hurricane Sandy is expected to continue gaining strength as it steadily moves towards the northeast coast at 28 mph. As of Monday morning, the category 1 hurricane was moving northwest packing 90 mph winds. The National Hurricane Center said the ...

Super Typhoon Expected To Hit Japan And South Korea

A violent super typhoon moving north in the Pacific is expected to pass close to east Japan before making its way to South Korea over the weekend. According to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, Typhoon Sanba is currently packing winds over 150 mp ...

Hurricane Isaac Causes Flooding And Power Outages In Louisiana

Hurricane Isaac lashed southeast Louisiana with heavy rain and strong winds Wednesday morning, causing severe flooding in Plaquemines Parish and other low-lying areas along the Mississippi River. Parish officials say storm surge caused at least o ...

Tropical Storm Isaac Upgraded To Category 1 Hurricane

Tropical Storm Isaac was upgraded to a category 1 hurricane today as it steadily continued moving towards the northern gulf coast. The National Hurricane Center said Isaac is now traveling at 10 mph with maximum sustained winds of 75 mph. Isaac w ...

Tropical Storm Isaac Expected To Make Landfall As A Hurricane

The National Hurricane Center says Tropical Storm Isaac could strengthen into a hurricane as moves through the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The center predicts Isaac will be a category 1 hurricane by the time it reaches land.

Typhoon Saola Kills 23 in Philippines, 5 In Taiwan

Typhoon Saola brushed past the northern and central Philippines this week, dumping as much as 1.5 feet of rain on the nation. Officials say nearly 180,000 people have been displaced by severe flooding and at least 23 people have died. The Office ...