Bethlehem 6/15/2013 6:05:00 PM
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WeatherTrends360 Provides Accurate Year Ahead Forecasting So You Can Avoid Bad Weather

At WeatherTrends360, we know that it is important to get accurate Year Ahead Forecasting to plan, in advance, for the days that matter the most to you. Planning a large party or a wedding, or even a vacation can be very stressful and the last thing anyone wants is to have a cancellation due to rain. Having an accurate prediction for the weather months in advance is not just helpful, it could save the day.

Even if your event is not outside, big plans are just better when the weather is nice. WeatherTrends360 is a company you can trust because it is backed by the team of veteran meteorologists, scientists and mathematicians of Weather Trends International. These are people who have studied the weather and its patterns their whole professional lives so there is no one you can trust better.

Additionally, our members know that WeatherTrends360 is accurate because they have experienced it. “I've used Weather Trends' forecasts for many years to plan garden tours, home tours and many other outdoor events here in Easton, PA,” says Megan McBride, the Market Manager for Easton Farmer’s Market, “ All I can say is their forecasts are amazing.” That year, the Easton Farmer’s Market had to decide whether to stay open or close that fall. WeatherTrends360 predicted 7 of 8 Saturdays would be mild and dry.

Seeing weather forecasts so far in the future may seem like a new invention, but Weather Trends International has been the Leader in Long Range Weather Forecasting for a long time. WeatherTrends360’s technology has been tried, tested and proven to be highly reliable over an 8 year period. It has been trusted by everyone from leading retailers to business and even some countries.