Bethlehem 7/17/2013 6:40:00 PM
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WeatherTrends360 is the Most Reliable Source for Accurate Weather Predictions

WeatherTrends360 has been the most reliable source for accurate weather predictions for the past 8 years, yet the technology that it uses has been in development for over 21 years. Even today, the technology is only getting better and more accurate and the trade secret algorithms that has made Weather Trends International the Leader in Long Range Weather Forecasting as ranked by Forbes in their 2009 Top 200 list.

WeatherTrends360 is powered by Weather Trends International and their team of veteran meteorologists, scientists and mathematicians who have studied the weather and its patterns their entire professional lives, and work on a daily basis to make WeatherTrends360 even more accurate. As mentioned before, the success that WeatherTrends360 and Weather Trends International enjoy regularly and their ability to share future weather trends can be attributed to the proprietary and highly reliable technology that has been tried, tested and proven over the past 8 years with the likes of leading retailers, businesses and even countries. These members are able to take advantage of the Year Ahead Forecasting to plan events far in advance.

“I used the long range weather forecast months in advance for June 19th, 2010, my daughter’s wedding day,” says Mary Stange-Hudson, the mother of a very happy bride in Bentonville, Arizona, “The weather was very important because their reception was an outdoor affair in the Gravette, Arkansas area. The long range forecast called for seasonably hot on the day of the wedding and the week was predicted to be dry. I can confirm the weather was hot, humid and dry as predicted.”

This is the kind of response that has made Weather Trends International and WeatherTrends360 one of the most well known weather companies in the world.