Bethlehem 5/31/2013 11:03:15 PM
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Hurricane Season Starts Tomorrow and Mother Nature's Right On Cue

Tomorrow is the official start of the 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season and Mother Nature will be right on cue with what is likely to be the first tropical system of the year taking aim at the U.S. Several weather forecasting computer models are indicating some type of tropical system developing over the next week and heading towards the U.S. by late next week. This will be NO means be a blockbuster storm, in fact, it will be more typical of early-season tropical systems with flooding rain as the primary threat. At most, the storm would reach Tropical Storm status, we do not anticipate anything stronger than that at this time.

Currently, the energy associated with the system (the remnants of Hurricane Barbara from the E. Pacific) is over the Bay of Campeche. The system will take an extended vacation in the Bay of Campeche before finally gathering strength and heading northeast towards the U.S. mainland. While it's far too early to pinpoint an exact location for landfall, the system is expected to impact somewhere along the Gulf Coast from New Orleans to Tampa late next week. Flooding will be the greatest threat from this storm, especially over Florida and Georgia. The system will continue to track northeastward and may impact anywhere from the western side of the Appalachians to the East Coast during the week of June 8th. As the system heads north, it will pick up speed and diminish the threat of a heavy, flooding rainfall.

This is a good time to review your Hurricane Preparedness plans and to make sure your emergency kits are properly stocked. The National Hurricane Center and FEMA have valuable resources to assist in your emergency planning.

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