Bethlehem 5/2/2013 11:29:56 PM
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Get Help to Increase Sales with Year Ahead Forecasting from WeatherTrends360

Use the weather to your business advantage with WeatherTrends360. Knowing the weather ahead of time can have a major impact on your business. WeatherTrends360’s Year Ahead Forecast gives users a full 11 month weather forecast delivered either monthly or on demand. With your forecast you will also get a business forecast narrative along with weekly forecasts, year-over-year forecasted temperatures and precipitation trends.WeatherTrends360 will help you get ahead of the competition.

In sales, it is important that you control most, if not all the variables that exist. The weather used to be one that you could not control and barely predict. Yet, these days technology and science have increased so much that the weather is no longer a problem for construction workers, real estate agents and other workers who spend a lot of time outside. Year Ahead Forecasting allows you to see the future weather so you do not have to rely on luck when it comes to the weather.

WeatherTrends360 provides clear and easy to read weather views for 360 days all across the globe with a helpful trend line.

WeatherTrends360 is powered by Weather Trends International, the leader in long range weather forecasting and the number five spot on Forbes Top 200 list in 2009. WeatherTrends360 is run by an experienced team of meteorologists, scientists and mathematicians. The people working for WeatherTrends360 have all spent their professional lives studying different aspects of the weather bringing you all-encompassing knowledge of the weather.

Over the past eight years, the leading retailers, businesses and even countries, have tried, tested and proved WeatherTrends360 to be a highly reliable technology.