Bethlehem 7/7/2013 6:10:00 PM
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WeatherTrends360 Long Range Weather Forecasting Gives You Accurate Weather Predictions Eleven Months in Advance

Backed by Weather Trends International and their team of veteran meteorologists, scientists and mathematicians, who have studied the weather and weather patterns their whole professional lives, WeatherTrends360 is one of the most reliable sources of accurate weather predictions.

Weather Trends International has been providing future weather trends insights to members all over the world since 2002. The ability, however, to make accurate predictions a year ahead for anywhere across the globe comes from 21 years of research and the constant development of the trade secret algorithms used by the scientists and meteorologists on a daily basis.

Thanks to those algorithms, Weather Trends 360 is able to provide insights into the future weather patterns for your city, or any other city all over the world 11 months in advance with the Year Ahead Forecasting

“We didn’t believe it when we were told a year ago about the very hot/dry summer with drought potential here in PA/NJ,” says Mike Dowd of Easton, PA, a WeatherTrends360 member, “well they were right, it happened…and I have the air conditioning bills to prove it.”

Do not be afraid to put your trust in WeatherTrends360 because it is powered by Weather Trends International, the Leader in Long Range Weather Forecasting and the business ranked 5th by Forbes in their Top 200 list as the leader in long range weather forecasting.