Bethlehem 7/1/2012 12:00:00 PM
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11 Month Advance Weather Forecast from Weather Trends International

Weather Trends International offers a Year Ahead Forecast to help businesses plan their sales around the weather. By knowing the weather, businesses can plan their sales to take place when their customers need and want thier products and services the most.

Get a Year Ahead Forecast from Weather Trends International, and get an in depth 11 month Advance Weather Forecast. You can get your forecast monthly, or on demand in the form of a PDF, PPT, and Excel format. Get your own Year Ahead Forecast from today.

Weather Trends International serves retailers, seasonal category suppliers, financial services, commodities, and consumers. It's primary focus is to provide companies with long range business weather guidance, and sales analytics. The company offers long range forecasts for 6.4 million locations worldwide in 195 different countries.