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MissionIR News - ENGlobal (ENG) Energy Sector Service Contribution Includes Deep Expertise with Synthetic Gas

MissionIR would like to highlight ENGlobal Corp. (NASDAQ: ENG), an engineering services firm that specializes in oil and gas automation solutions, subsea control systems, and engineering and construction projects. Housed within its Subsea Controls and Integration (SCI) group is the company’s patented Universal Master Control Station (UMCS), the result of a collaborative development effort with a major global oil company that recognized an important need in the offshore oil and gas industry.

In the company’s news,

ENGlobal’s service line-up is enough to make any engineer directly involved in the energy industry sit up and take notice. The company’s expertise runs wide and deep on its road toward sustainable growth and ultimately shareholder value. Players in the energy sector are beneficiaries of ENG’s expertise in the areas of energy and construction, automation integration, automation engineering and design and subsea controls and integration.

ENGlobal’s synthetic gas experience within its Construction and Engineering branch includes key facilities design and consulting projects for gasification, hydrogen facilities, gas-to-liquids and ammonia facilities to name a few.

With respect to gasification of biomass, the company has developed a study which reveals the feasibility of designing, purchasing and constructing a Biomass to Energy (BTE) project in the United States. The study contains analysis of the design, procurement and construction of the BTE plant and a preliminary heat and material balance showing the amount of power potentially generated from the syngas – a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen.

Another emerging source for alternative fuel production is in the area of gas-to-liquids. The company has in its possession a feasibility study for the use of Fischer-Tropsch (F-T) reactors to convert natural gas into liquid transportation fuels; ultra-low sulfur diesel in particular. The process involves natural gas being introduced to a steam-methane reformer to create SYNGAS. The SYNGAS then reacts with a catalyst in the F-T reactor to form F-T wax. As the process progresses, the wax is then hydrocracked and used in refining technology to produce transportation fuels.

ENGlobal’s range of services in the synthetic gas space go from conceptual engineering and feasibility studies to detailed design, construction management, permitting, third party operations and maintenance and program management. Leveraging experience in refining and petrochemical processing, the company is known for delivering the industry’s finest solutions to its customer base regarding renewable projects.

ENGlobal provides engineering and related project services to the energy sector throughout the United States and world. ENGlobal operates through its Automation and Engineering segments. The company’s Automation segment delivers services related to the design, fabrication and implementation of advanced automation, control, instrumentation and process analytical systems. The Engineering segment provides consulting services for the development, management and execution of projects requiring professional engineering, construction management, and a wide variety of ancillary support and services.

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