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California Mortgage Lender E Mortgage Capital Offers Fixed Rate Home Loans To California Residents

From first time home buyers to current home owners that still have a mortgage, E Mortgage Capital can help you lock in a lower interest rate with a fixed rate home loan in California. Right now interest rates are low and refinancing your existing mortgage can help you lower your monthly payments, reduce your interest rate, and save you on your overall home loan. E Mortgage Capital can help you with understanding the terms of your new mortgage and help you start saving money today.

Fixed Rate Home loans offer peace of mind to residents who want the security of a fixed rate mortgage in California. Fixed rate loans are available from 5 years to 30 years and the interest rate is locked in. We can help you get a loan with the best interest rates on the market. The great news is you get to lock this interest rate in, so when rates start to rise, you still make the same payment with the same interest rate.

One of our most popular mortgage loan terms is the 30 year fixed rate. This allows first time home buyers to have a lower monthly payment than they would have with a shorter loan term. This also is a good option for first time home buyers to get a larger and more expensive home because they are able to spread the larger expensive out over more years. When you are ready to start your California fixed rate home loan process, call E Mortgage Capital

Call the best mortgage lender in California, E Mortgage Capital when you are looking to lock in the best interest rate with a fixed rate home loan. We can help you get approved for the loan that you need to buy that new dream home of yours. We also can help with refinancing your mortgage to lock in a newer lower interest rate so you can save over the life of your loan. Give us a call today at (855)569-3700.


About E Mortgage Capital:

E Mortgage Capital is a respected mortgage company with the most competitive rates interest rates in the market, boasting a level of customer service most often associated with small local lenders. E Mortgage Capital has now taken its commitment to customer service and diverse mortgage options and expanded to add a multi-cultural lending division. This expansion allows us to offer individual borrowers who in most situations would have never qualified for a great mortgage loan, the flexibility of obtaining one of E Mortgage Capital’s many mortgage products by working directly with the staff of E Mortgage Capital. We are able to accomplish this using many credit solutions we offer to our clients at absolutely no cost.

E Mortgage Capital offers clients a wide array of mortgage options at leading rates. A mortgage company approved by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and by the Veterans Affairs (VA) E Mortgage Capital can offer Federal Housing Administration (FHA) government loans, VA Loans, HARP 2.0 loan options, stated income loans and sub-prime or hard money loan options.

E Mortgage Capital is extremely dedicated to helping first-time homeowners find an appropriate mortgage option and we maintain an exclusive focus on enabling the purchase or improvement of residential properties.

E Mortgage Capital continues to improve its face-to-face and digital interactions with customers with a new, more spacious headquarters facility in Irvine, California and through the transition to an advanced paperless record system. The company encourages direct borrowers and mortgage brokers to utilize an online loan application process that allows E Mortgage Capital to deliver an immediate approval for loans. In addition, mortgage-seekers are able to have their mortgage rates locked in via the E Mortgage Capital website, with the rate guaranteed for 30 days. Whether at the E Mortgage Capital offices or online, the highly experienced staff handles applications, underwriting, and all aspects of customer account service for mortgage brokers and retail loan customers.

At E Mortgage Capital is a member of the Better Business Bureau, Online Business Bureau and the Orange County Association of Realtors.