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File For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Nevada With Price Law Group Bankruptcy Attorneys

People undergoing financial hardship may qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Nevada. Many people are unaware of what Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is and what it entails. Known widely as “liquidation” or “straight bankruptcy” Chapter 7 provides filers with protection from their creditors and relief from many of the debts that have overwhelmed or burdened them. Find out if Chapter 7 bankruptcy is right for you by contacting the Nevada Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys at Price Law Group.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy has several stipulations that you must qualify for in order to be eligible to file for Chapter 7. Firstly, you must make less than the median income for people in your area. If you make more than the median income for the people in your area, you may still be eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but will have to undergo a means test to determine how much disposable income that you have.

A second qualification is the amount of disposable income that you have less monthly expenses for rent, utilities, and payments on items not included in the bankruptcy. This is calculated by deducting these items, then multiplying the number by 60 to see what amount of money you would have to pay back creditors over a 5 year period. This amount must be below $10,000 to be eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If the amount is over $10,000, you will be required to enter a Chapter 13 repayment plan.

Generally, under Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you are able to keep all your exempt assets, such as retirement savings, 401k, retirement accounts such as an IRA. Many times a homestead is included as well as a vehicle and personal items.

Speak with professional Nevada Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys at Price Law Group to discuss which assets are protected under these Nevada bankruptcy laws and find out if Chapter 7 is right for your financial situation. We can be reached at 866-210-1722 and look forward to helping you take control of your financial future.