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The Academy of Coaching and Education

Many Financial Professionals Lack Mentors and Real Knowledge to Make an Impact on the Life of a Client

Over the last twenty years, the financial industry at large has neglected the education and training of their advisers and insurance professionals. This neglect is a direct result of the industry’s cost to turn out qualified representatives. It’s expensive. Often a new agent or representative receives little to no education and training from the company who hired them. And depending upon the sector they entered, they generally become “single shingle” thinkers: i.e. wirehouses promote asset allocators, tax outlets center on developing tax consultants and insurance companies create agents who sell life insurance and annuities. Very few financial advisers are holistic and multi-dimensional enough to design plans for college, retirement and eldercare.

The Academy of Coaching and Education (ACE) endeavors to educate financial professionals from the ground up and mentor them with one-on-one training. ACE has an approach similar to the altruistic consumer educators, The Society for Financial Awareness, whose mission is to deliver financial education to consumers. The methodology of adult education is quite different from high school and college students and ACE reflects those differences in its customized adult programs on money, financial planning and product fulfillment.

The centerpiece of Ace is their case studies, real life applications of their education and coaching program in action. It’s about learning to solve financial challenges with an array of strategies and tactics that are the solutions used by seasoned financial advisers and insurance agents. The coaching aspect of ACE contains several communication courses from seminar presentations to one-on-one role-playing in consumer scenarios that train the financial professional to uncover money goals and needs.

ACE works closely with non-profit organizations to educate the consumer with trained financial professionals who not only have the financial knowledge, but the communication skills to convey critical information to make solid financial decisions.