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Investing with a Purpose

There’s Always an End Game to Investing

Like most people, you’re probably investing to achieve some specific financial goals. Your list may include some, though probably not all, of the common objectives that many people share:

Enjoying a comfortable retirement requires a vision of your golden years and the lifestyle you’ll lead, as you grow older.

Paying for your children’s college education is expensive but can provide a career advantage for your progeny, perhaps for generations to come.

Buying a home (or a vacation home) is a primary goal with a down payment and good credit.

Building a business cost money. Financing your entrepreneurial spirit may require your own money in the game.

Traveling around the world is an exciting prospect for entertainment and self-education. It can be a meaningful opportunity for your family as well.

Endowing a chair at your alma mater or donating to your favorite charity

Providing financial security for your parents with long term care assistance and eldercare oversight.

Enriching your heirs is at the heart of leaving a legacy. Often the impact can be felt for generations. The bottom line is that most people can’t afford to pay for everything they want to accomplish with the income they earn. That’s why investment income is essential.

Contributions from the book Understanding Asset Allocation in this press release are used with permission from Light Bulb Press and sponsored by Medigap Central.