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A Degree of Vulnerability Can Generate Loyalty and Referrals

Steps 4-6 in the 12 Step Process to Building Long Term Relationships

In the economy of relationships people make mistakes. It’s just part of the price you pay in a partnership. Factoring in a few inevitable mistakes into the relationship equation can soften the blow of a blunder. Being vulnerable and open can help others through their difficulties and challenges. No doubt you will need some grace yourself someday, and the universe has a way of pay back, so sow well.

Sharing in the public domain is tricky business. We live in an open society with social media and cameras everywhere. Any post can be an evergreen… forever.  Be judicious in exposing personal issues, politics and religion. Lines get drawn in politics and religion and it’s hard to cross back over to repair a bad posting. It can be detrimental to business when you share too much.

Having someone’s back in business is a high value characteristic among partners. It creates a bond, a loyalty that is not easily broken. When someone has been there for you, you need to display commensurate actions that speak louder than words.

Unnecessary conversation is almost always counterproductive. Sometimes our additional discussions hurt our credibility. Stick to the meat of the matter and avoid wordiness. Often, we feel the necessity to fill a void in the conversation; but that moment may be the perfect time for everyone to pause and take a breath.  The need to carry the conversation may come off as insecure. We all have insecurities, but we don’t have to telegraph them by filling the silence.

Referrals are a great indicator of good relationships. It shouldn’t be a surprise that those with whom you have cultivated good relationships want you to succeed, and they may be willing to recommend your services. So, asking for referrals is a necessity. It also needs to be a two-way street.  Over the years many financial advisers have referred CPAs to their clientele. Unfortunately, there has been little to no reciprocity. If there’s little to no reciprocity, then there’s little to no relationship.

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