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Personal Stories, Sharing Fun Items & Realistic Expectations

Steps 7-9 of the 12 Step Process to Building Long Term Relationships

The personal touch always out ranks the typical business talking points and lets people know you care. Social media is one aspect of personal publication. The original intent of social media was an environment for friends and family to keep apprised of activities occurring within their community. But it was eventually adopted by corporate America as a high-tech contact tool. Sharing business ideas and concepts on social media is like having your own study group. But, as mind boggling and cool as high tech is, high touch is actually viewed as heartfelt.

All work and no play can make your edge dull. Finding life’s balance should be priority one. Placing the fulcrum in the right place between work and play can bring an equilibrium to your practice and family. Workaholics spend their time and health to secure wealth. Everyone needs to strike a balanced lifestyle between their vocation and family. Many businesses have parties, social gatherings and charity events where they participate in their community as a group. It develops a comradery with business associates that brings them together as team, which can increase productivity.

A major error that can undermined relationships is placing unrealistic expectations on others especially expectations you would not even apply to yourself. Nobody is perfect. Going into relationships with an open mind also requires eyes wide open. We all assume things going into a relationship; which we often have no grounds for doing.  So, keep the assumptions to a minimum. If we have preconceived expectations of people, we are likely to set ourselves up for disappointment. Dating is one thing. Courtship quite another. Engagement is serious. Marriage is consummating. There are levels of relationships: many are kept at a distance, some are kept at arm’s length and only a few are intimate.

One last thought: New parents may have unrealistic expectations with their first child. “Why isn’t my baby walking at six months old?”  Pediatric science tells us it’s too soon for such an expectation.  Once the baby learns to walk, we wonder why the baby isn’t talking yet!  Every baby has his own internal timetable; different needs require different speeds. 

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