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Brainstorming, Value Added Menu of Services & Eliminating Fears

Steps 10-12 of the 12 Step Process to Building Long Term

Brainstorming is one of the most enlightening exercises in business. There’s nothing like a meeting of the minds to develop a fuller understanding of corporate goals, strategies and tactics. The facilitator needs to know how to turn into the storm to drive ideas and stay away from blowhards that take up oxygen in the room. Ideas must be pithy and to the point. Don’t be surprised that the vast majority of ideas are absolutely insane and can’t be implemented. But the few that survive are generally worth pursuing. There are always more tares than wheat.

Serving is part of the building process. Product selling can only go so far. The direct and indirect elements that affect product sales often become the servicing menu items that have marketing magnetism that attract clientele. As an example: Your firm sells life insurance, but that space is overrun with competition. You need to educate your clients, referrals and prospects on the tax aspects, the physiology of underwriting, the distinctions in product lines and planning scenarios that include indemnification, income and inheritance. Those are your differentiators.

Unwarranted fears can put the brakes on a company and decelerate growth and decrease profitability. Fear that we’re out of control is like braking on ice, you need to learn to steer into the skid. The ice is not in your control. If you have an accident, it may not be your fault. When someone does you a favor you may feel uncomfortable because in your mind, you’re indebted them. But many relationships come with help included and are offered without strings attached. People fear appearing weak, especially men. We are all human and crippled with shortcomings. No matter how broken we are or how incapable we feel, most of us have traveled down that road at some point in our lives. No one with half a heart is going to discount you.  Our weaknesses can create a positive vulnerability.  “Beware the person who has no limp” So, stop the introspection and self-loathing. It has no redemptive value. Rejection is not a terminal event. You can feel a little reluctance after losing an account or a new client to a competitor. But your self-worth isn’t your net worth. Your bank account doesn’t define you. And neither does the experience of rejection.

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