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Your Presentation to a Recruit

Define Your Value Proposition in Terms of a Career Creator

Even since the tower of Babel, the human race has attempted communication with each other. No presentation worth the light of day can be crafted without knowing your audience and the language they use. Target marketing is the art of demographics, but it’s all for naught if you are using the wrong dialect to communicate your value proposition. It may be very helpful to conduct a presentation with a group of established agents to confirm your approach and ensure the language you’re using is correct.

If you’re using power point presentations the axiom is “less is more,” with more background space. Use colors that are easy to read and a font size that those who occupy the back row can read. If you use video, use vignettes which are short snippets of 30 to 60 second clips. Make sure your talking points are pithy and concise. Your oral communication can be more explanatory. FYI… wordiness can also be a trap to fill the time slot, so factor in what you need and no more.

Large wholesale companies love to tout their product and carrier inventories to impress new recruits and marginalize their competitors. But the vast majority of agents use a handful of carriers and products. Stick to your lead companies at the front end of your relationship and introduce other niche companies later.

Don’t forget to cover your bases with the essential talking points that promote your business. You need to explain any requirements necessary to execute the job you’re offering.

You need to perform a little due diligence before you ink your agreement starting with their state insurance department to confirm that they’re in good standing and if their security licensed, you can check with “Brokercheck.”  You may want to perform a credit check and inquire about any outstanding carrier debits your recruit may have. And finally, you may want to know if they have filed bankruptcy in the last five years and why it occurred.

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