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Closing a Recruit

The Offer to Seal the Relationship & the Coming Expectations

When does a suitor, who is in love, know when to pop the question? Is it time to close the deal? If timing is everything, what do you know about time. One aspect of the pre-close is alignment. If your car is out of alignment, it doesn’t run right. And there’s no reason to continue in that condition because the “ride” will only get worse. On the other hand, if the alignment is right and everything leading up to the close is firing on all cylinders, then the close is close.

In some cases you may need to address a hire on a timeline format: The first 90 days, a year out and three years into the future. At each point on the timeline you need to establish and clarify production benchmarks for your company and milestone markers for your recruit. If you can’t monitor it, you can’t quantify it. And if you can’t quantify it, your accounts receivable won’t confirm that you made a good hire.  Too often, organizations manage their field force with revenue check points only, without offering training and education.

It can’t be underscored enough, that education and training within an organization is a human resource investment and not merely an expense. Educating and training your sales staff in your own image is imprinting your persona on your team. Excellent tutorial support attracts a financial professional when everything else is equal, i.e. compensation, benefits and office perks. Agents and reps actively search for ongoing schooling in their career. Providing this can be a marketing moniker in your community.

Lastly, impartation is a homiletic skill set. As an instructor, your singular goal is not to make everyone aware of your knowledge, but to accomplish the transfer of your knowledge, so your audience gets it on the first pass. You have to have a passion for teaching. When you do your students feel that your impetus for sharing is the betterment of their practice. If you position a person’s practice to be the premiere provider of products and services in their local community, you will have inadvertently built out their business. If their business is expanding, so is yours.

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