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There’s a Business Methodology for Success: Don’t Break from the Formula

The Process of Timing, Combing & Sequencing in Business

Instinctively clients recognize there are risks to be addressed and managed in order for their assets to support them throughout their retirement years. Most are fearful they might run out of assets before they personally run out of time. You know what I mean, don’t you?

Peter Hibbard created The TCS Process© to address their concerns and manage the many risks.

  1. Timing – When do I retire? What asset do I use first when I start living off what I’ve accumulated? What asset do I use at every phase of retirement? The timing of using assets is crucial to maximizing net worth.
  2. Combining – What assets do I use in concert with other assets? Do my assets support one another in maximizing net worth and income? Perhaps unknowingly my assets are detrimental to one another and if used together, my net worth is diminished too quickly.
  3. Sequencing – We’ve found that if you consume assets in the right sequence at the right time and in combination with other assets, net worth is maximized throughout your retirement years.

Using The TCS Process© provides our clients the clarity and confidence to make the decisions that secure their financial future no matter how long they might live. Essentially, The TCS Process© is a sophisticated Monte Carlo simulation wherein thousands of studies are tested against one another to determine which assets should be consumed first and which should be consumed last. Additionally, we need to know which assets may be consumed concurrently and in what amounts. Finally, The TCS Process© outlines the exact sequence in which assets are consumed. Using The TCS Process© will maximize a client’s net worth throughout their retirement years as well as maximize wealth to heirs.

Peter Hibbard is a co-contributor to this press release.