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Price Law Group Bankruptcy Attorneys Assist with Arizona Bankruptcy Filings Due To COVID-19

Price Law Group has experienced bankruptcy attorneys standing by assisting consumers and businesses in Arizona that are in need of financial relief due to COVID-19. In many cases, filing for bankruptcy due to COVID-19 is the only solution to your financial obligations that you can no longer meet. With the COVID-19 pandemic leaving a financial mess in its wake, millions of Americans are finding themselves unable to meet their financial obligations. At Price Law Group, we understand the situation you are in and are here to help. We assist Arizona consumers looking to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy and will walk you through the filing process to help you get the debt relief you need as quickly as possible.

While so many people have recovered from this horrible pandemic, the financial damage that it has caused is irreversible for some. Prior to COVID-19, many Americans struggled financially, living paycheck to paycheck and barely making ends meet. Each paycheck was used in its entirety to pay for necessary expenses, mandatory living expenses and other financial obligations, with little left over for emergencies. For many, as a result of COVID-19, bankruptcy can be the right answer and solution to your financial issues.

Price Law Group has served consumers and businesses Since 1991, we have worked with consumers and businesses across Arizona and throughout the country get the financial relief they need through bankruptcy. We will review your financials so help you properly apply for and file for bankruptcy so you can get the relief that you need.

There are two main types of bankruptcies that can help you get the relief that you need, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. In Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Arizona, businesses and consumers must qualify for this type of bankruptcy. There are several criteria that you must meet, but in this bankruptcy you can get the immediate relief that you need from the creditors in which you owe monies to on your outstanding debts. In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, also known as ‘wage-earners’ bankruptcy, all of your outstanding debts are reorganized and the majority of your income is used to paying off these debts over a period of time.

Contact our COVID-19 bankruptcy specialists today at Price Law Group to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Arizona. While bankruptcy isn’t for everyone, it can be the right solution to your financial struggle as a result of mounting financial obligations and the economic fallout from COVID-19.