Los Angeles 10/4/2010 4:05:18 PM
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UN Climate Chief Wants Nations To Make Deal

The United Nations Climate Chief has urged nations to show the world a deal can be reached on climate change, as leaders meet in China to discuss the follow-on from the Kyoto Protocal, which expires in 2012.

Lack of trust has been the major issue between negotiators in the fraught talks, with poorer nations feeling angered at the amount of carbon cuts offered by richer nations as well as issue of transparency over emission cut pledges.

Delays in agreements only serve to give the world less time to come to a solution about mitigating the effects of greenhouse gas emissions and are also impacting company’s who are uncertain what the future holds as far as carbon markets as we head closer to 2012.

The UN has called for governments to find the common ground in the climate change negotiations, as the specter of the failed 2009 Copenhagen looms over negotiations. The Copenhagen talks ended with a non-binding agreement which left many key issues untouched and saw much sniping between the developing and developed nations participating in the talks.

The talks in China are the last major round of discussions before this year’s major meeting on climate changes in Mexico, to be held on November 29 at Cancun.

The recent floods in Pakistan and the devastating Russian drought are being used as examples of what may be store if the world fails to respond to issues of climate change and come up with concrete, actionable solutions to greenhouse emissions.