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American Meteorological Society Elects Weather Trends International’s Michael Ferrari to Societal Impact Board

Michael Ferrari, VP of Applied Research of Weather Trends, Inc. has been elected to serve on the American Meteorological Society Societal Impact Board.  The AMS Board on Societal Impacts focuses on the principle of science in the service of society by considering weather and climate effects on lives, health and well-being, property, and the economy for all people, animals, and the Earth.  The Board's Mission is to advise, raise awareness, and support efforts relating to societal impacts of weather and climate within AMS.  Moreover, it strives to develop and strengthen relationships among scientists, educators, policymakers, and decision-makers from a variety of backgrounds including, agriculture, anthropology, communications, geography, decision science, economics, political science, psychology, public health, and sociology.

On this board, Mr. Ferrari will concentrate his efforts on four key areas, Technology Transfer, Growing Data Streams, Food Security, and Disease Modeling. In addition, Mr. Ferrari intends to integrate these initiatives with Weather Trends International’s long term company vision and consequently enhance the product offerings, providing new deliverables and tools to existing clients while expanding WTI’s presence globally.

Mr. Ferrari was elected from a group of nominees ranging across the private sector, academia, and government.  In addition to his work with clients at Weather Trends, Mr. Ferrari’s outreach activities include numerous speaking engagements at technology and commodity conferences around the world.  He also writes regularly on issues related to weather, technology, and commodities through various media outlets including O’Reilly Radar, Bloomberg, WSJ, and SeekingAlpha.  Mr. Ferrari has published and presented research findings in several areas, including global climate modeling, pattern recognition, biometeorology, environmental metagenomics, and climate economics.

Michael Ferrari is the Vice President of Applied Technology and Commodity Research at Weather Trends International. He directs the research and product development efforts in support of the global commodities sector. Michael has earned his PhD from Rutgers, where his research focused on climate geophysics and evolutionary biology. He has also earned his BS in Applied Economics.

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