Atlanta, GA 12/27/2010 11:34:21 PM
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Weather Strands Thousands, Shuts Down Roads in Northeast

Blizzard conditions in the Northeast United States have caused thousands of travelers to be stranded after the holiday weekend.  Some people have even been stranded in the buses and trains that they were riding as the weather accumulated.

Several passenger buses were stranded in New Jersey.  State troopers brought food and supplies to the buses, among others who were stranded on roads.  Further complicating matters, the stranded vehicles blocked paths for snow plows, making it impossible for them to clear roads.

Snow also caused the cancellation of many flights and rail services throughout the areas affected, creating even more hectic traveling conditions.  Some airport restaurants have begun to run low on food.

Driving conditions have been compared to "a video game" by one taxi driver.  With drivers unable to control their vehicles some cities have banned people from parking on the side of the street in an effort to increase safety.