Atlanta, GA 1/1/2011 3:09:12 AM
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Arkansas Tornado Kills At Least 3, Injures 12

Authorities say at least 3 people were killed in Cincinnati, Arkansas when a strong storm, possibly a tornado, tore through the area Friday morning. The storm caused major damages in Cincinnati and Benton County. Six homes were destroyed while five other sustained major damage. A handful of other buildings, including a fire station and a store, were also damaged.

There have been reports of people trapped under rubble, but rescuers have not confirmed those reports. Authorities have confirmed at least 12 people were injured. Two horses also died in the storm.

The storm moved toward St. Louis, Missouri, but bad weather lingered in Arkansas. The Arkansas Emergency Management has issued a tornado advisory. The weather delayed or canceled flights to and from the Northwest Arkansas regional airport.


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