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Flash Flooding in Australia Leaves 10 Dead, Death Toll Expected to Rise

Australian authorities say Queensland residents began fleeing to evacuation centers following Monday's deadly flash flooding. The sudden flooding was compared to an “inland tsunami” with walls of water up to 26 feet high. It swept through the town of Toowoomba with little warning, leaving 10 people dead and 78 others missing. Many homes and cars are under water.

Authorities declared three quarters of Queensland a disaster area. A flood alert was issued for the capital of Brisbane Tuesday. Queensland Premier Anna Bligh warned the flood “continues to develop and change at a frightening pace.” She also said the death toll is expected to rise “quite dramatically.”

"Today is very significant, tomorrow is bad, and Thursday is going to be devastating for the residents and businesses affected," said Brisbane Mayor Campbell Newman.

The water that swept through Toowoomba will feed into the Wivenhoe Dam from the Lockyer Valley. Authorities will release the water into the Brisbane River in intervals.


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