Bethelehem 1/29/2011 4:41:33 AM
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Groundhog Day Snowstorm: No Shadow for Phil?

Just as the Northeast finishes digging out from one storm, we’re already turning our eyes to the next storm that could bring another round of significant Winter weather. This storm looks to impact an area from the South Central states through the Northeast from Tuesday to Thursday, and there could be a mixture of precipitation types.

The storm will start to organize in the South Central and Gulf Coast states early in the week and trek across the Southeast and Ohio River Valley. Along the way the storm will spread heavy snow from eastern Colorado through Kansas and Missouri and into the northern Ohio River Valley. The storm will fizzle out as it reaches the Mid Atlantic and a new storm will form along the Mid Atlantic coastline, this will be the main precipitation event for the Northeast. A mixed bag of precipitation will occur just to the south of the main area of heavy snow with cities like Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York City seeing a mixture of snow, sleet, freezing rain and rain. The extent of the area affected by mixed precipitation will depend largely on the speed at which the new area of low pressure forms off the coast. A slower development will mean more of a mixed precipitation event in southern New England and farther west into Pittsburgh. A faster development will yield more snow for southern New England and contain the mixed precipitation to New York City and southward near the I-95 corridor and east. See Storm Map for details.

Like last week, expect a surge in the basic staples:  bread, milk, eggs, etc… Bird seed, rock salt, deicers and shovels will also be popular categories. Store traffic could be disrupted anywhere from Tuesday to Thursday, depending on the track of the storm. Ironically, Groundhog’s Day is on Wednesday and the storm could prevent Punxsutawney Phil from seeing his shadow, indicating an early Spring. However, Weather Trends International advises strongly against using a Groundhog’s shadow for your weather forecast; we suggest you visit for your local forecast.


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