State College, PA 5/21/2009 4:03:53 AM
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Heat Wave, Thunderstorms, Threats to Pakistan Refugees reports high temperatures on Wednesday were about 100 degrees F, or 38 degrees C, in northern Pakistan northwest of the capital, Islamabad. It is in this part of northwestern Pakistan, an area including the city of Mardan, where victims of violence have fled and taken refuge with minimal shelter from the elements.


Through at least the end of the week, daily high temperatures will be 95 to 105 degrees F, or about 35 to 40 degrees C, in the area housing most of the refugees. While dry weather will dominate, there will be scattered thunderstorms daily along nearby mountains, a few of which could stray over the lowlands with bursts of high wind and rain.


The heat and strong sunshine will stress a population which, being from a mountainous area, may be altogether unaccustomed to such conditions. And weak, temporary structures such as tents will be highly prone to damage owing to any severe wind and heavy rain in thunderstorms.


Extreme heat is the rule in the affected area through June and into July, when a rainy season marked by severe thunderstorms with torrential rain begins.


Story by Senior Meteorologist Jim Andrews


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