Boston, MA 11/3/2011 2:06:32 PM
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Dutchess Opportunity Cayman Fund, Ltd Enters into £4 Million Equity Line Facility with MobileWave Group, PLC

Dutchess Opportunity Cayman Fund, Ltd. is pleased to announce a £4 Million Equity Line Facility (“ELF”) with MobileWave Group PLC.

The ELF’s rise in popularity is growing each month with more experienced managers understanding the benefits of having the ELF in place.  The flexibility and attractive pricing makes the ELF a perfect fit with companies that need capital today and expect their stock price to increase over the term of the ELF.

Douglas Leighton, managing partner of Dutchess stated, “Companies like MobileWave are in need of capital during this extensive credit tightening we’ve seen globally, and we are happy to extend the ELF to companies that need access to capital in order to further their growth.”

Kurt Pakendorf, CEO of MobileWave Group plc., commented “The ability to have access to funds when we deem it necessary is the main advantage to the ELF and we chose Dutchess because of their extensive experience in global markets.”

About Dutchess Capital:
Dutchess Capital was founded in 2000. Since then, Dutchess has been a market leader and innovator in providing ELFs and other unique financing structures for publicly-traded companies.

Dutchess has transacted over $2 billion in ELF commitments globally. Dutchess has over 10 years of experience assisting companies throughout the process, as well as the financial wherewithal to fund the company throughout the entire commitment.

Dutchess sources worldwide investment opportunities, with offices in Boston, New York, Seoul and Beijing and joint venture partner First Columbus in London.

About MBW:
MobileWave is a broad based global mobile technology solution partner to companies and brands that enables them to have a meaningful and real relationship with end users. MobileWave’s long term ambition is to become an integrator of business functions into a mobile platform, thereby enhancing commercial effectiveness and efficiency in order to generate maximum returns. The Company aims to partner with enterprises to assist them develop their businesses in dealing with an increasing use and reliance by consumers on mobile phones and social media. MobileWave’s goal is to be the leading B2B mobile relationship management platform for maximizing enterprise effectiveness and efficiency.

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Dutchess Capital
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