Atlanta 11/3/2011 8:50:43 PM
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Death Toll In Thailand Flooding Continues To Rise

Thai authorities reported Wednesday the death toll in the country’s months long flooding has risen to 427. The ministry of public health said most of the causalities died of drowning or electrocution.

Meanwhile, authorities are working to drain flood water into the sea to help relieve inundated areas. So far central Bangkok has remained dry, but surrounding areas currently sit wait or chest deep in water. Authorities believe water levels will recede by December. Over 100,000 people have been displaced and are living in the 1,700 shelters set up by the government. The Thai finance ministry said monsoon rains and flooding has caused an estimated $6 billion in damage.

Problems caused by flooding are not expected to disappear with receding water levels. Health officials warn the water could cause an outbreak of diseases like dengue fever and malaria.


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