High-Quality Electronic Medical Devices and Services Available throughout Georgia and the Southeast through BiTech Medical

Throughout Georgia and the neighboring states, the best company to call for the best medical device service and repair is BiTech Medical.


BiTech Medical: Providing Georgia Hospitals with Reliable and High-Quality Medical Device Services and Repairs

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, BiTech Medical is an electronic medical device sales and supplies company that focuses on servicing and repairing medical devices in hospitals and clinics in and around the Atlanta, Georgia.


BiTech Medical Focuses on Service and Repair of Medical Devices in Atlanta, Georgia

At BiTech Medical, we focus on the sales and repairs of medical devices in and around Atlanta, Georgia.

Over 100 Medical Device Manufacturers to Choose from Available at BiTech Medical

BiTech Medical carries a wide range of products that fit a variety of budgets and tastes.

Atlanta-Based BiTech Medical Provides the Southeast with Quality Medical Product Repair

While there are always going to be businesses that try to charge more, we are a business that works to charge less without sacrificing customer service or quality.

BiTech Medical: An Atlanta-based Medical Service/Sales Provider

In the heart of the South there is a medical service and products provider that works hard to build and maintain strong relationships with clients.

Provide Your Georgia Company with the Best in Medical Sales and Repairs with BiTech Medical

BiTech Medical is a company that works to charge less.

Choose from over 100 Medical Device Manufacturers through BiTech Medical

BiTech Medical is one of the top medical device providers in the state of Georgia and supports a large number of medical device manufacturers to choose from.

Overcome the Modern-day Obstacles in Operations with BiTech Medical

BiTech Medical is a medical service and product provider in based in Atlanta, Georgia.

BiTech Medical: Providing Quality Medical Products and Services throughout Georgia

As the No. 1 supplier of electronic medical devices and services in the state of Georgia, we offer several medical supplies and services geared toward helping businesses better perform their day-to-day operations


Expert Training Provided to BiTech Medical Representatives to Exceed Customer Expectations

BiTech Medical Sales & Service is very involved in the training of their diagnostic sales representatives and biomed technical engineers.


BiTech Medical Goes Extra Mile to Supply Best Medical Equipment

BiTech Medical Sales & Service feels they have succeeded when not only the medical professional is happily satisfied, but also knowing all of the end-user patients are getting treated with the best medical equipment BiTech Medical can supply.

Medical Supplies and Repairs Made Easy in Georgia

In need of a facility PM Agreement?

BiTech Medical has the answer

BiTech Medical training sales reps and technicians has inclined

BiTech Medical Offers Electronic Medical Devices and Services Throughout Georgia

BiTech Medical Offers Electronic Medical Devices and Services Throughout Georgia


BiTech Medical general product line info

BiTech Medical Sales & Service is showing signs of steady growth in the medical & healthcare environment for the newly launched product line. The company had started out as mostly service, and some limited product sales.


BiTech Medical PM50 Patient Monitor has passed production

BiTech Medical Service and Repair


BiTech Medical Service and Repair