Announcing The World Peace Religion Benefit Concert & Tour

Announcing The World Peace Religion Benefit Concert & Tour


Temple of Love Spawns Common Word Love World Interfaith Movement

The Temple of Love - The World Peace Religion is uniting the world religions.

Nostradamus third anti christ MABUS George Bush and Masbah Yazdi

Nostradamus has been so accurate that it’s freaky. Fortunately there is still a short amount of time to pull back from the brink of extinction. Do it, now!


Oxford Research Group blows away David Petraeus and George Bush


Kim Jong-il and China move towards Peace Religion and Net Neutrality


George Bush has just Ignited Nuclear WWIII

And no one even noticed.


God’s Warriors Veils that our World Religions Command Genocide

Our world religions explicitly forbid world peace and command and reward genocide with great rewards for mass murder in the world to come, but your mainstream media does not trust you to know this.

Bush is Leading US Into A Deadly Trap says World Peace Religion

Yehovah Jesus Allah Call for an End to Judaism Christianity and Islam

The World Peace Religion is the Middle East Solution

Pfc. Steven D. Green, Golf and the Burning Bush

Iran Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi is Nostradamus Third Anti-Christ Mabus

Yahoo Abandons Backlinks and PR for Relevance and SEO Web Design

An Ayatollah Built Auschwitz and America is Next

Revelations is a Plagiarism of the Bellerophon Greek Myth

Announcing the Opening of The World Religions Site

Jesus Christ Delivers Christmas Message 2006

U.S. Military Draft Announced in Simple Code Today by President Bush

Net Neutrality Life on Earth Depends Upon It says World Peace Religion

Elton John Backed by The World Peace Religion