Detroit’s Packard Plant Faces Foreclosure For Unpaid Taxes

Detroit, MI- Even though the last Packard left the factory in the 50’s, the plant where they were once produced is still standing, though blighted. And now the owner of the building may lose it to foreclosure for an unpaid tax bill totaling $750,000.


Occupy LA Offers Aid to Columbine Shooting Survivor Facing a Fight to Save his Home from Foreclosure

Los Angeles, CA- Richard Costaldo was one of the lucky survivors of the Columbine High Shooting in 1999 which shocked the nation. Though he was shot eight times and was paralyzed he dealt with his injuries and triumphed. Now he is enmeshed in another fight; this time he is trying


Foreclosure Starts Slowed for August

New York, NY- Although the past week has been short on the good news for the economy, especially after the disappointing jobs report, and with the poverty rate becoming stagnant, but luckily it’s not getting worse. There is one front where the ec ...


Fannie Mae Sells Hundreds of Foreclosures to Investors in Florida

Tallahassee, FL-The government-owned mortgage company Fannie Mae sold a large parcel of foreclosed homes in Florida to San Diego, California-based investors.

New Study Shows 800,000 Foreclosures Can be attributed to Negligent Bank Practices

New York, NY- The unethical and negligent practices of the nation’s mortgage lenders and servicers are widely known. But it has been hard to put an exact number on how many people lost their homes during the worst of the crisis due to understaffi ...

Wells Fargo Mistakenly Forecloses on Retired Couple’s California Home, Twice

Woodland Hills, CA- As further evidence that major banks are still making erroneous foreclosure errors, Wells Fargo, one of the country’s largest mortgage lenders, is facing a lawsuit after they foreclosed on the wrong home, twice.

Georgia Appeals court ruling could invalidate foreclosures in Georgia


Relief from Foreclosure Settlement Slowly Reaches Homeowners

New York, NY-Ever since the housing sector collapsed in the 2008 and the market was flooded with foreclosure, the federal government began to take action to stem the tide. It can be argued that some of those measures were ineffectual, but some ho ...


U.S. Bank Blasted as Slumlords over Blighted Foreclosures in California

Los Angeles, CA- A report released by CoreLogic this week shows that California was once again the state with the most foreclosures nationwide. Blighted homes in California are largely unaddressed by banks, but L.A. city attorneys are fighting back.

Foreclosure Rates Decline in July

New York, NY- New statistics released by CoreLogic which shows that foreclosures declined in July over the first quarter of this year where foreclosures rose over statistics from the end of last year.

Treasury Blames Banks for Lack Participation in Foreclosure Prevention Program

Washington, D.C. - The Home Affordable Mortgage Program (HAMP) was supposed to help close to 4 million homeowners across the country save their homes. But as of May only 1 million of those homeowners have received a mortgage modification and the ...


Massachusetts Lawmakers Set to Enact Foreclosure Prevention Laws

Boston, MA- Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick signed into law a bill intended on preventing foreclosure, placing more responsibility on lenders.

Morris Brown College in Jeopardy of Foreclosure

Atlanta, GA- The nation’s oldest black college is in peril and faces the possibility of foreclosure next month as creditors are calling in millions of late bond payments.

Morris Brown College in Jeopardy of Foreclosure

Atlanta, GA- The nation’s oldest black college is in peril and faces the possibility of foreclosure next month as creditors are calling in millions of late bond payments.


Fannie and Freddie Simplifies Foreclosure Prevention Program

Washington, D.C. - The Federal Housing Finance Agency announced Tuesday new rules which will speed up short sales and other foreclosure prevention programs for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

California Has Highest Foreclosure Rate in the Nation

Sacramento, CA- Homeowners in the state of California are struggling as a July statistics showed the state has the highest foreclosure rate in the nation.


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel Doesn’t Believe Eminent Domain is the Right Solution for Foreclosure

Chicago, IL- On Tuesday, Chicago Mayor said that eminent domain wasn’t the right solution to address the foreclosure crisis as city aldermen gathered to gathered to consider a proposal introduced by a California investment firm.

Maryland Leads the Nation in Foreclosure This Past Spring

New York, NY- The state of Maryland took the lead in foreclosures this spring toppling states like Florida, Arizona and California, which got hit the worst by the foreclosure crisis.


Federal Consumer Agency Proposes Tougher Rules for Mortgage Servicers

Washington, D.C. - A new federal agency, the Consumer Protection Bureau proposes tougher rules for mortgage servicers in an effort to help homeowners avoid foreclosure.


New Report Shows and Increase in Foreclosure Starts for July

New York, NY- A new report from RealtyTrac was a mixed bag; while foreclosure activity decreased for the 22nd consecutive month, there was an increase in foreclosure starts.