Greener Pastures Are Approaching With New Developments In Sustainable Landscaping

Weaver Automotive Joins Green Vehicle Disposal Program with Three Ways to Recycle

This past week Weaver Automotive Inc. has announced it has partnered up with the Green Vehicle Disposal Program to feature three new ways to recycle cars. This is great news for all the local residents that will be able to take advantage of this ...


World Hydrogen Demand to Exceed $43 Billion in 2016

Global demand for hydrogen is projected to increase over 4 percent annually through 2016 to 286 billion cubic meters valued at $43.2 billion.

Ozoshare Launches as First Social Networking Platform for The Green World

New Social Network, Designed Solely for the Green Community, Connects Individuals and Businesses/Groups/Federations Who Share the Same Eco Concerns and Goals


Funerals Go Green

The ever present danger of ruining the planet plays on the minds of many. Lithium batteries, solar and wind power are some of the technologies that average citizens use for reducing toxic emissions into the environment while minimizing natural re ...


Landscape Specialists Cover More Ground As National Suppliers

FRA Welcomes Figures on English Forestry Sustainability

England is fairing extremely well when it comes to sustainable forestry, according to a new report, which is being welcomed by Forestry Research Associates (FRA).


FRA agrees that Brazil Regulations could boost Agricultural investment

Business Monitor International (BMI) has predicted that investment in forestry and agriculture in the Amazon region will be boosted as a result of the new forestry regulations giving people more control over land rights.


Evaluate the Indoor Air in Your Home or Workplace with evalu-aire DIY Test Kits

Families typically meticulously decorate and furnish rooms with paint, carpet, allergens and other materials containing volatile compounds, then close and lock the windows in essence unknowingly putting their families a perfect gas chamber


Chemical, Biological and Radiological (CBR) Pollutants of Indoor Environments

CBR related issues of the indoor environment may occur/induce due to a number of activities within the building or as a result of outside infiltration or the combination of both.


Why the PURE-Steam Coil Cleaning Process is so Effective

For starters, the PURE-Steam Coil Cleaning is one of the few certified by the Green Clean Institute


Waking Up in the Morning as a Form of Spiritual Practice

One of the ultimate Zen like experiences is waking-up from a great slumber refreshed and energized. Your mind and body are harmoniously one, both alert and focused. Having a refreshed mind and body are two keys to a natural and Zen lifestyle.

EnviroMajik presents Green Technology Products and Solutions for High Energy Bills

While not an immediate concern in some parts of the United States, it could be an indicator of what to expect in the future.

Taylor Morrison Colorado Unveils Energy-Saving “Elem3nts” Program in Time for Earth Day 2012

Colorado residents will be able to breathe easier and pay lower heating bills next winter if they take advantage of the new energy-conscious HERS®Index homes that Taylor Morrison Colorado unveiled on Earth Day.


Allergies Got You Down?

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study indicated that 34 million Americans had been diagnosed with allergies, chronic sinusitis, rhinitis, emphysema, asthma, atopic dermatitis, immune deficiencies, etc


Solutions for Improving IAQ

Understanding where you are (baseline conditions) through science based evaluations provides you with the data to determine where you want to go (post remediation conditions) and provides one with the knowledge to determine the path (project specifications) by which you are going

LED vs HPS Grow Lights Showdown: Hydroponic Tomato Grow-Off in the SuperCloset Deluxe Grow Boxes

SuperCloset has started Tomato Wars 2, LED vs HPS comparison, in two of its Deluxe grow boxes in the SuperCloset showroom growroom. Tomato Wars 2 was started to answer the question, “Are LED Grow Lights better than HID Grow Lights?” A 400W HPS lighting system is being used in

Outdoor Kitchens With Laminated Countertops Simplify Summer Entertainment

Powerful New Way to Clean all HVAC Coils? Green Air Environmental, LLC have Exploded onto the HVAC Industry Scene with Innovative Green Process

A Guaranteed Process to have an efficient HVAC system


Global Aseptic Packaging to Approach $36 Billion in 2015

World demand for aseptic packaging is projected to grow 9.1 percent per year to $35.8 billion in 2015.