Weitz & Luxenberg and Morgan & Morgan Law Firms Host Oct. 24 Town Hall in DeLand to Air Florida Toxic Water Fears

Famous environmental activist Erin Brockovich reaches out to victims of Dieldrin-tainted wells.

Environmentally Friendly Green Janitorial Services in Austin

Environmentally Friendly Green Janitorial Services in Austin

Pinnacle Foods-Owned Farmer's Garden by Vlasic Launches New Microsite

Noted Culinary Bloggers Enlisted to Connect with Foodie Community on Microsite's “TasteBuds” Blog.

Experts Call For More Alternative Investments Welcomed by AAA

Alternative Asset Analysis (AAA) says it supports calls from expert speakers at this year’s InvestmentNews' Alternative-Investments Conference in Chicago for all investors to put cash into alternatives.

FRA Supports Call To End Export Of Raw Logs

Forestry Research Associates (FRA) is lending its support to the forestry workers of British Colombia, Canada, who are calling for an end to the export of raw logs to China for processing.


American Tradition Partnership using cutting-edge FuelingJobs.com site to approve Keystone XL pipeline

Grassroots group's viral strategy to overcome "green" opposition in support of safe, clean jobs & North American energy

FPL's Shopping List Can Help You Save Energy and Money

FPL’s Danielle Mousseau recently visited a local home improvement store with the goal of spending $100 on energy-efficient products.


Beware of the Dangers of Formaldehyde in Buildings and Homes

Sources of formaldehyde in the home include building materials, pressed wood products (hardwood plywood wall paneling, particleboard, or fiberboard) and furniture made with these pressed wood products. Urea-formaldehyde foam insulation (UFFI), combustion sources and environmental


Sharon Doyle and Joao Vincient Lewis Guest on EOE to Promote The LOVE Record and Label

LOVE (Love Our Vulnerable Earth) Records Promotes the Love We All Have for Planet Earth


Fiberglass Insulation Fibers: Advantages and Limitations

OSHA regulates fiberglass particles as a nuisance dust since 1991 and some agencies and states list them as a potential carcinogen.

Brac Systems Inc. Announces Sale of a Greywater Recycling System and Rainwater Harvesting System

Brac Systems Inc. is pleased with this first sale to Garden Homes, who are a community and custom home, office, retail and industrial property real estate construction company dedicated to providing old world craftsmanship with modern luxury features and conveniences.

How a Single Mother Grew Her Solar Thermal Business From Ground Up

Android OS User Helps Her Customers Slash 50% Off Their Hydro Bills

Canadian green forestry investment welcomed by FRA

Forestry Research Associates (FRA) has reported that the Canadian government has announced further investment in the forestry industry of New Brunswick to help boost the local economy.

Brac Systems Inc. Announces Sale of a Semi-Commercial Greywater Recycling System

Brac Systems Inc. (BAAD - OPEN MARKET - Frankfurt Stock Exchange) today announced the sale of a semi-commercial greywater recycling system to the United States Air Force.


US Demand for Light Bulbs to Decline Through 2015

US demand for lamps is projected to decline nearly two percent annually in unit terms through 2015 as the market adjusts to the provisions of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.


The Hunter Fan Company Provides Solutions to IAQ, Air Cleaners and DIY Test Kits

More than 60 millions Americans suffer from severe allergies or asthma and the seasonal allergy sufferer has nearly doubled in 15 years


EDLab works with CDC Legionella ELITE Program in Raising the Bar

Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDLab) at Pure Air Control Services has received a Certificate of Proficiency for Legionella Analysis issued by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) ELITE Program.

HERO: A Patent-Pending Low Cost, Low Profile High-Efficiency Water Treatment and Filtration System

Greenway Design Group, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: GDGI) today announced the commercial release of its patent-pending High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis (HERO) Water Treatment and Filtration System.

Try These Fabulous Frozen Treats to Beat Summer Heat, Says North Dallas Honey

North Dallas Honey says. “Try These Fabulous Frozen Treats to Stay Cool During Record Heat.”


Carithers Flowers Completes Remodel of Marietta, GA Showroom

Carithers Flowers renovated Atlanta, GA Showroom provides enhanced flower buying experince for customers.