Add Taste, not Calories: Healthy Steps Shares How Herbs Enhance Cool Summer Suppers

Fresh herbs contain bursts of flavor without adding calories, Healthy Steps Shares How Herbs Enhance Cool Summer Suppers


Hospitals depend on PURE-Steam Coil Cleaning to Save Energy and Improve IAQ

With ‘‘health care–associated infection’’ or ‘‘HAI’’ also known as nosocomial infections within healthcare facilities on the rise they adopting the PURE-Steam coil cleaning and HVAC cleaning process has helped keep the hospitals airstream clean and sterile.


Pure Air Control Services Assists Chevron in Setting the Gold Standard for Green Buildings

Green strategies incorporated into the Chevron building include under-floor air distribution, which reduces indoor pollutants and enables an individual to control the air supply; monitoring and adjustment of carbon dioxide levels and introduction of “fresh air” to all areas as

New UK Woodland Carbon Code could boost tree planting, says FRA

According to Forestry Research Associates (FRA), announcements from the UK Forestry Commission indicating the release of a new Woodland Carbon Code could lead to greater investment in tree planting in the United Kingdom.

The cast iron fireplace is a stunning and popular choice for many fashionable homeowners

The cast iron fireplace is a stunning and popular choice for many fashionable homeowners

Macquarie's Carbon Forestry Funding Welcomed by FRA

Australia’s Macquarie Group has announced that it has raised A$25 million for its range of new forest carbon projects in developing countries, which it is undertaking with the World Bank and Global Forest Partners LP.


Taking “Going Green” to a Whole New Level

When searching for additional ways for the school district to save money all the while helping to improve indoor air quality was when Don Terry, Manager Maintenance, Charlotte County School District sought the professional IAQ services of Pure Air Control Services and the PURE-Steam


Dress Salads for Success, Says Healthy Steps by Jokari

Stop soaking that salad and try these delicious dressing tips from Healthy Steps.


Commercial Demand for Fuel Cells to Triple by 2015

Global fuel cell spending -- including research and development funding and investment in fuel cell enterprises, as well as commercial sales -- is forecast to climb 10.9 percent annually to $10.2 billion in 2015 and then nearly double to $19.0 bi ...


Identify Allergy Triggers in your School, Healthcare, Office Buildings or Homes with Allergen Screen Check

A simple, inexpensive and yet effective DIY allergen test is the Allergen Screen Check manufactured by Building Health Check.


INDY 500 Not all Fun and Games

2011 Indy 500 Bryant Dealer Meeting/Partner Trade Show “What Ever it Takes”


Effective Coil Cleaning Saves Energy and Improves IAQ

Using superheated steam to clean their heat exchangers (heating and cooling coils) utilizing the Pure-Steam process made it possible to effectively remove dust and associated biofilm lodged deep in the fins. This process known as “PURE-Steam Sterilization Cleaning Process” saves

Ways Of Making Low Cost DIY Solar Panels Is No More A Secret

Information of how to make solar panels diclosed & Partner to protect the Environment

Company Donates Thousands of Dollars on Behalf of Advertising Clients.

Green Initiatives Key Driver for Carbon Management Software

Research conducted by TechNavio reveals, that the Global Carbon Management Software market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 45 percent.


Florida Schools Save Energy & Improve IAQ with PURE-Steam Coil Cleaning Process

“Not only are we saving energy, but we are creating a healthy learning environment for our students and faculty.”

Indoor Allergens and Public Health

An estimated 22% of the population is suffering from some form of allergic disease.

Consumers Appreciate Overland Park Deck Cleaning Service for Quality Products

Green Technology is a sign of the times and consumers often make their buying decision based on environmentally safe business practices

Johnson County Deck Cleaning Technician Recognized for Customer Satisfaction

Honest and reliable deck cleaning experts combine quality workmanship with professional business practices to exceed customer expectations


Understanding Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

The term "indoor air quality" (IAQ), interpreted broadly, refers to the environmental characteristics inside buildings that may affect human health, comfort, or work performance.