Mycotoxin Test Kits Available Through WW Grainger &

Production of mycotoxins are also highly influenced by the environmental factors especially growth substrate, temperature, pH and others. Some of the mycotoxins are volatile in nature where as others may be non-volatile. S


Clean Air Ducts Creates Better Buildings and Healthier Occupants

An air duct system in a home or office provides recirculation of not only air, but particles that float in the air. These particles consist of dead skin cells (humans and pets) fragments, pollen, carpet fibers, fiberglass fibers, carbon based particulate, mold, bacteria, etc….


Legionnaires’ Bacteria Found in New Hong Kong Federal Building

Dr. Rajiv Sahay, Laboratory Director at EDLab stated “The expansive and expensive Hong Kong government building is an example that Legionella bacteria can be found even in new, high tech buildings and older buildings. The bacteria can cause significant health implications to


GBS/Pure Air Control Services Awarded GSA Contract to Perform HVAC Environmental Cleaning at Federal Courthouse

After the completion of the project the GSA building manager stated that she “would like to thank both contractors for an outstanding job! I am very pleased with the outstanding success of this project.”

Cedar Fever Arrives in Central Texas

Georgetown Company Says You Do Not Have To Suffer.


Carithers Flowers Offers Christmas Tree Decorating Class to YWCA of Marietta

Designers from Carithers Flowers recently hosted a Christmas tree decorating class for the Academy of Women Leaders of the YWCA in Marietta, Georgia.

EcoMajik Companies offers Green Alternatives for Holiday Gifting

Georgetown Texas Company offers Holiday Ideas that save Money AND The Environment.


Visit Pure Air Control Services to Exhibit at 2011 MacDill SDVOSB/VOSB Conference & Expo

The goal of the conference is to provide the Small Business community with the tools and opportunities to take their businesses to the next level through education and interaction with their peers.

The Friday Clean Energy Report: Sunbelt International Inc. (OTCBB:SUNB)

Company looks to further cement its place in the clean energy industry.


Keep Your Infant Healthy with “Test Your Nest Screen Check”

Good indoor air quality is difficult to detect as you cannot see it. Bad smells alone are not the only indicator of poor air quality. Interior rooms collect not only exhaled carbon dioxide and moisture from people and objects, but also numerous toxic chemicals and biological


Non-Toxic Home Cleaning Without Chemicals Kit at 95% Savings For U.S. Consumers

Choosing safe, green, natural house cleaning options over toxins, chemicals and toxic fumes that are found in many traditional home cleaning products may be the difference in the health of families across the Unites States. A non-toxic green cleaning kit that saves families

OpenAire Takes the International Stage at Dubai’s Big 5 Building and Construction Show

The biggest players in the international construction industry gathered for the Big 5 tradeshow in Dubai from November 21-24, 2011, one of the largest shows of its kind with over 2500 exhibitors and 30,000 construction products from 75 countries. ...


Measuring & Understanding Baseline Indoor Quality Conditions

“With our extensive environmental background 25 years and multiple disciplined experience spanning over 600 million square feet of residential and commercial building space, we have been able to provide bioaerosol guidelines that are being used to determine what is normal in

Carithers Flowers Opens New Design Center Location in Atlanta, GA

Award-winning florist, Carithers Flowers, recently opened a new storefront location in Atlanta, GA.


Cleaning Evaporator Coils are Easy, But How Many Can Do It Correctly?

The conventional chemical foaming agent cleaning method is a ABC step that takes 10-15 minutes of a technicians time; however coils over 4”-14” all the foaming agent is doing is pushing the debris deeper into the coil causing air flow problems, cooling problems, comfort problems

How Awnings Are Saving Electricity and Cutting Back on Bills

Window awnings have been shown to save as much as 25 percent on cooling costs


Save Energy and Improve IAQ with GREEN AHU Cleaning Program

Part of the GREEN AHU Restoration Pure Air Control Services uses a proprietary steaming and flushing system called PURE-Steam coil cleaning process.

Stocks Running out of Energy (XTXI) (DGAS) (CEG) (EXC) (SO) Reports

Crosstex Energy, Inc. (XTXI) pressed higher by $0.34, moving the stock price to $13.55. Shares of Crosstex Energy, Inc. have traded as high as $15.3 per share and as low as $8.03 in the last year.


Trichothecene Mycotoxin: A Health Hazard in the Indoor Environment

Production of mycotoxins are also highly influenced by the environmental factors especially growth substrate, temperature, pH and others. Some of the mycotoxins are volatile in nature where as others may be non-volatile.

FRA Joins Canadian Forestry Industry in Welcoming Jenkins Panel Report

Forestry Research Associates (FRA) along with the forestry industry of Canada, says it is looking forward to the release of the Jenkins Panel report, which is a new innovation in the sector.