Light Craft Manufacturing Inc. Launches a New Website

National lighting solutions leader, Light Craft Manufacturing Inc., has introduced a new logo and website.

Companies Outsource Food Sanitation to Ensure It's Done Right

In an effort to meet consumers’ demands for cleaner and safer food preparation environments, more companies are turning to professional cleaning services to get the job done

Glass Tile Warehouse Infographic Details How Kitchens Have Evolved Over the Decades

As a leader in tiles for kitchen design, Glass Tile Warehouse helps its customers find their perfect style—from retro to modern

General Awnings Introduces Innovative New Awning Designs

As one of the internet’s leading providers of residential and commercial awnings, is at the forefront of awning innovation

MasterControl Offers Software System for CAPA Automation at Enterprise Levels

The provider of quality management systems in regulated environments offers a software system to manage the entire CAPA process according to FDA and ISO best practices

Cleanroom Cleaning Must Meet Important Regulations

The regulations and requirements surrounding cleanrooms must be strictly followed, and there are a number of procedures and policies that can affect how well the environment is controlled

Glass Tile Warehouse Prepares DIYers with Kitchen and Bathroom Design Tips

Customers searching for design inspiration can find the secrets for success on

What Type of Cleaning Processes Do the Big Soda Companies Undergo?

Staying clean is a constant struggle for large companies, which is why they generally employ a team of cleaning professionals to get the job done

Awnings That Can Survive Strong Winds & Natural Disasters

New advances in awnings technology allow them to last through weather at its worst

Awnings Are Proven to Reduce Energy Consumption

Research shows that potential energy savings can be as high as 69 percent for homes with installed window awnings

TEAM Solutions Offers Environmentally Responsible Facility Services

The provider of facility cleaning support services delivers solutions that adhere to regulatory compliance issues to improve environmental responsibility

Annual Meeting of South Carolina Green Building Council Hosted by Southland Log Homes

The designer and manufacturer of green, energy efficient log homes hosted the annual meeting of the Council to review the year’s success, discuss future plans, and discuss the green and sustainable qualities of log home designs

Home Remodeling Activity Reaches Record Highs Despite Troubled Economy

As the housing market continues to slump, more homeowners are looking at ways to invest in their homes to increase livability and comfort

Home Improvement Trends for Winter

A look at four of the home renovations that are picking up steam with the season

Recent Advances in Road Construction

The way roads are being constructed is changing for the better

How Awnings Are Saving Electricity and Cutting Back on Bills

Window awnings have been shown to save as much as 25 percent on cooling costs

Reported Accidents and Highway Incidents Increase with Road Construction

Road construction zones pose dangers for drivers and workers

Road Construction Industry Turning to Solar Powered Supplies

The road construction industry is continuing to adapt more economically and environmentally sustainable products to save money and improve productivity

Melton Classics Offers Comprehensive Selection of Architectural Columns and Balustrades

A leader in the industry, Melton Classics uses only the finest materials and techniques to manufacture their architectural millwork products