St. Luke's Hospital of Kansas City is recognized on U.S. New & World Report

St. Luke's Hospital of Kansas City has been acknowledged on U.S. News & World Report’s Annual Best Hospital rankings for 2013-14 for their friendly services and effective treatments.


Dr Nader N Youssef appointed Chief Medical Officer of electroCore


Healthy Parenthood at Rupal Hospital

Morning Sickness, Weight Gain and Exercise during Pregnancy


"Ultherapy is the New Revolutionary Skin Tightening Treatment," Says Dr. Mirabile!

"Ultherapy is the New Revolutionary Skin Tightening Treatment," Says Dr. Mirabile!

Medical Technology Breaking News: Aethlon Medical (OTCBB: AEMD) Initiates Patient Recruitment for FDA Approved Clinical Study

Aethlon Medical, Inc. (OTCBB:AEMD), the pioneer in developing targeted therapeutic devices to address infectious diseases and cancer, today announced the initiation of patient recruitment to support a clinical feasibility study of Hemopurifier® t ...

QualityStocks News - Zenosense (ZENO) MRSA/SA Prototype Device Achieves Sensibility Detection Rate Over 95%


Medical Cannabis Patient and Business Seminars Sunday April 27, Champaign (IL)

Patient Business


Dr. Charles Lee, MD, Founder and President of Polyglot Systems, Inc., to Help Improve Healthcare Communication for FDA

Progress is being made in the healthcare community with the appointment of Charles Lee, MD to the Risk Communication Advisory Committee.


BiTech Medical Offers Standard Service Calls for Local Clients in Neighboring States

BiTech Medical offers standard service calls for all local clients in Georgia’s neighboring states. These include Alabama, Florida, North and South Carolina and Tennessee. This is particularly good for these states because BiTech Medical is the b ...


Affordable Electronic Medical Devices and Surgical Products Brought to You by BiTech Medical

At BiTech Medical, we focus on providing excellent service to our customers in Georgia as well as nationwide.

Twist 25 DHEA Cream is the Best Bioidentical DHEA product in the Market

Twist 25 DHEA cream is the best bioidentical DHEA product in the market.


BiTech Medical Offers a Wide Range of Medical Devices and Services

We are a medical device sales and repairs company in Georgia.


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We are BiTech Medical and we are medical repair specialists in Atlanta, Georgia who offer a variety of medical solutions that can help your business overcome today’s obstacles


If You are Suffering from Addiction Dr. Darvin Hege is Able to Prescribe Suboxone to His Patients

Dr. Hege is one of the most trusted psychiatrists in Atlanta and is now licensed to prescribe Suboxone to his customers to help with narcotic addiction.


BiTech Medical Focuses on Service and Repair of Medical Devices in Atlanta, Georgia

At BiTech Medical, we focus on the sales and repairs of medical devices in and around Atlanta, Georgia.

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The military market accounts for over 20 million consumers and spends over $1 trillion annually; Ingen’s medical products have climbed Mount Everest, and are now sailing away on the world’s most advanced nuclear powered aircraft carrier

Close-Up Talk Radio with Lisa Loustaunau, Director of Academics at The Institute of Core Energetics


-Ingen Announces New Subsidiary ATMC INC-