Candlelight vigil for Clementii

Road Hog! The Unwritten Rules of the Road

The Unwritten Rules of the Road for bikers and pedestrians.

Pedal Cars for children

Kids love playing with more mobile and close-to-reality objects as they grow up.

Baby Picture Cuteness Contests: Recipe for Failure

Either way, beauty pageant or photo contest, the message is clear. “My kid is cuter or more beautiful than yours.”

The In-laws

Why do we hate our in-laws? What's wrong with them? What's wrong with us?

11 years old boys sentenced for raping 8 year old girl in London

I got Featured on Dad’s in the Limelight!

Every week, or something on that order, Chris has been interviewing a dad who has some influence in the community in which he operates. I am one of many quality dad bloggers, and I’m honored to be given the chance to appear on his Dads in the Li ...

Preparing for a Sibling

Preparing for a sibling. What do you do?

How did you become a Stay at Home Dad?

The story of a Stay at Home Dad.

Beating up the Weakling

Peer pressure causes kids, and adults, too, to do all sorts of strange things, including bullying.

This Month, We Love Technicolor

Top Android T-Mobile Shopping Picks

Knife-wielder attacks Kindergarten in China


4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Upgrading Your Wireless Service

When Should You Replace Your Netbook

Sprint Phone Deals Announces The Five Most Popular Smartphones For 2010

Find Out Which The Best Models Are For Every Carrier


Turn Your Free Android Google Phone Into A Portable Social Life Organizer

Introducing The LG Ally With $30 Credit And Free Bluetooth Headset

Cell Phone Bill Advice: How To Save During Back To School Season

The New Android OS 2.1, You'll Love It

The 7 Deadly Sins: Fabricated Nonsense

Good parenting need not be fancy just like religious precepts don’t need to be complicated.

Family Traditions: Every Family has at Least One

All of those small family traditions have helped, in their own way, to commemorate significant eras in our ongoing parallel lives.

MEDIA ALERT: Rays Step Up to the Plate to Help the Boys & Girls Club in their Time of Need

Tampa Bay Rays Baseball Foundation ensure hope is restored to the 100 kids of the Boys & Girls Club of the Suncoast


A Boys & Girls Club of the Suncoast Loses Equipment but not Hope

A thief steals more than equipment when he breaks into Boys & Girls Clubs of the Suncoast’s North Greenwood Club - but the Boys & Girls Club Members are determined not to let it ruin their summer.