NASCAR’s Dick Trickle Commits Suicide At NC Cemetery

Former NASCAR driver Dick Trickle committed suicide Thursday at the North Carolina cemetery where his granddaughter Nicole Ann Bowman is buried. Bowman died in a car accident in 2001, according to the Charlotte Observer. The Lincoln County Sherif ...

David Beckham Retires From Soccer After

David Beckham is leaving pro soccer behind after 20 years. The 38-year-old announced his retirement Thursday in a statement.


American Cornhole Organization Announces $20,000 ACO West Virginia Cornhole Cup Tournament

American Cornhole Organization's (ACO) first ACO Master Series Major tournament for Season IX to be held in Charleston, WV


Leading Bike Parts’ Resource Announces Sales This Month

Fibica, the leading bike parts and accessory supplier online is offering sales on a number of bike parts and accessories currently.

Jason Heyward in No Hurry to Return to Majors, Wants to Heal Full First: Brian McCann Back Behind Home Plate

Jason Heyward is looking on the bright side of his stint with the Gwinnett Braves. Even three strike-outs and going 0 for 5 with one walk in his 2013 Triple-A debut on Thursday could not dampen his spirits.

Is Tim Tebow Getting Blackballed for No Reason?

In the nine short days after his release from the New York Jets, the uber-popular, yet unemployed, quarterback has nowhere to go, because there is no team in the NFL that seems to want him, not even Canada.


Close-Up Talk Radio Spotlights Amanda Biles of

Unforgettable Game 2, Bulls See Red Against LeBron James and the Heat

Game 2 of the Miami vs Heat series will from now on be known as the biggest win in playoffs history for the Heat and the biggest loss in playoffs history for the Bulls.

New Atlanta Falcons Stadium has Two Different Proposals to Choose from but Should be Ready by 2017 Season

Atlanta’s new stadium plans have been the talk of the town for quite some time, but now there is something new to talk about.

Titus Young Teaches Us it is Possible to Be Arrested Twice in the Same Day

Although you have to start off pretty early, it is possible to be arrested twice in the same day. Titus Young taught us that last Sunday.

San Jose Sharks Beat the Vancouver Canucks 4-3 for the Sweep

Thanks to Patrick Marleau’ power-play, the team avoided making the long journey back to Vancouver completing their first playoff sweep on Tuesday night.

Knicks Get Unexpected Boost from Bernard King Tweets

The now defunct twitter account may be lost forever, but it will be remembered forever, especially by the New York Knicks.

Nobody Likes Tim Tebow, Not Even the Jacksonville Jaguars

Sports franchises all over the country are avoiding Tim Tebow like the plague, even in his home state of Florida, the Jacksonville Jaguars are not having him.


Former Wrestler Propels Parati Competitive Rowing to a new level of Discipline and Success

Members of a very successful Woodlands rowing team never dreamed that a former D1 wrestler could lead them to the medals podium.

The Best Six Pack Ab Workout Is Now On An App

The Shredded Abs App has formally launched and is now available in the Apple iTunes Store for $9.95.

The Aftermath of Floyd Mayweather Jr and Josie Harris, Three Years Later

Even after spending two months in prison for punching Josie Harris, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has taken every opportunity to deny or downplay the events of September 9, 2010 by telling a completely different story of that fateful day.

Carolyn Moos Reacts to Jason Collins Coming Out

Jason Collins’ longtime girlfriend and one-time fiance admitting to not knowing that he was actually gay while they were going out.

Nuggets on the Edge of a Knife and Kenneth Faried Not Happy about it

After a loss in Game 4 against the Golden State Warriors Kenneth Faried got so mad he put a sizeable hole in the wall just outside the door of the visitors’ locker room at Oracle Arena in Oakland.

Phillies Take Place in Line for Next Big TV Deal

In the past the No. 4 hitter was important because he was the one who drove in the runs and got points on the board. Nowadays, it seems that the most important thing is keeping people interested in your team.

What is Next for Tim Tebow After Jets Release?

Once a first round draft pick down to untradeable, Tim Tebow now has to decide what he is going to do the rest of his life.