A Super SuperNova!

A Bright New Supernova in a Nearby Galaxy

Students throw Margate painter surprise 82nd birthday party

Everyone Has a Story!

Juno Spacecraft Waves Earth Goodbye

Two GRAS telescopes in Spain have been used to capture CCD images of the departing JUNO Spacecraft.

A Very Close Asteroid - 2011 MD

Asteroid to Zip Close to Earth Tonight

Nova Caught in the Act!

Ernesto & Giovanni catch a Nova in Outburst!

Amateur Astronomy's Dimmest Targets

An Amateur Sets New Benchmarks in Extreme Imaging.

Imaging the Edge of Everything -

Seeing to the edge of the Universe. An Amateur Astrinomer Images a distant Quasar!

Twin GRAS Telescopes under Spainish Skies

A new astronomical remote telescope will soon join its twin in Europe

“Will do Eye Surgery for Telescope Time”

Surgeon Dr Carl Tubbs has Stars in his eyes.

Scorpius Nebula Complex Imaged by a Master

Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex was imaged by Roland Ligustri and winning an AAPOD award.

Recent Border Patrol Agent Shot and Killed; War Update!

A Border Patrol agent on the Arizona border was shot and killed by Mexican drug smugglers this month.

Congressman-elect Allen West; Determined to Representative the Will of the People

In the same spirit as demonstrated by the voters in the last November elections!

It is not about the Birth Certificate...Stupid!


Obama Inspired Destruction of Terry Lakin; A Highly Decorated 18 year Military Officer

US Naval Commander Charles Kerchner (Ret.) discusses his eyewitness account while attending the court martial of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin

A Starry Christmas to the World!

GRAS Users dedicate Images for a peaceful Holiday Season.

Retired Maj. Gen. calls upon corrupt and inept members of Congress to resign; immediately!

You are “sucking the oxygen” out of America! Enough is Enough……!


Markku captures Scheila 596 using GRAS011, Mayhill New Mexico, USA

Unusual display detected making this an unusual object to study.

Obama Courts Martial Scheduled December 14, 2010

US Army puts senior military officer, Terry Lakin on trial for doing his job!


Norman Falla, based in suburban London, England has been using the GRAS telescopes in his search for new very faint asteroids.

Astronomy from Athens Greece via the Internet

A Grecian Astronomer - A Heritage